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Transformation at an individual level

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Transformation is a hot topic these days - economic transformation, digital transformation, personal transformation, and so on. What exactly is transformation?

Transformation is a changing state. The path in between the two states is the change management to support the transformation journey.

Change management is a systematic approach to dealing with the transition of people, processes and technologies in transformation. The purpose of change management is to implement strategies for effecting change, controlling change and helping people to implement and sustain the change.

This is the first one of the series of articles on transformation. It addresses transformation at an individual level – meaning your transformation journey. At an individual level, transformation is changing your state of BEING. What does it mean?

As you think certain thoughts, the brain produces chemicals that cause you to feel exactly the way you were thinking. Once you feel the way you think, you begin to think the way you feel. The two are in sync as a continuous cycle. This continuous cycle creates a feedback loop called a “state of being”.

There are two basic components making a complete you - the MIND and the BODY. Brain is part of the body and it is sandwiched between the main body and the mind as it has to handle both components like a “supervisor” role in an organisation. It takes the order from top management and translates it down to operations. Then it takes the feedback from operations and bring it back to the top management. In doing so, the supervisor has to find a harmony between the top management and the operations. When the harmony happens, then the organisation is in a state of being.

Your brain takes in information from the outside environment in two ways – SENSING and INTUITION. Sensing is done through the 5 senses and those information are translated as “FEELING” in the brain. The other channel is intuition and the information comes directly from the mind to the brain and translated as THINKING. Hence, feeling and thinking are the processing you do to the information that comes in to your brain from the outside environment.

When the thinking and feeling are in sync, you move to a state of being. You move from state to state in your life and that movement is triggered by emotions.

Emotion means energy in motion in Latin. Emotion is a chemical reaction and it is the language of the mind to the body. With emotion, you get the mind-to-muscle connected.

If you want to experience personal transformation, it starts with the question of “what do you want?” We use a structured approach in AB Consulting known as “Well Formed Outcome” or “WFO”. It gives clarity to what you want the desired state to be and whether you have the capabilities to go forward to the desired state.

The other tool is FLOW. Your body is “material” and it follows the Newton classic physics of space and time, and cause-and-effect. The mind is “immaterial” and it follows quantum physics where nothing is certain and everything is a possibility. It becomes certain when the energy is manifested into material things.

Your body is basically influenced by 3 things – the environment you are in, your habits, and the tendency to live in the past. Your body cannot be detached from the current state and be in the future state. On the other hand, your mind can, and we use the mind to tell us “what do you want”. Once we are clear on the context of the desired future – meaning when, where, and with who, we then check your emotional energy. This is to confirm that you have reasons to move and it is important for you.

FLOW allows you be greater than the 3 things mentioned above (environment, body, and time). The mind anchors on the desired state and invites the body to go forward. In order to move forward, the mind needs to “reattach” to the body - a process known as backward imaging or retrograde analysis, and focus on the present moment.

This is key in transformation by doing personal strategies or actions to be taken moving from right to left.

AB Consulting provides personal development coaching. We do this in two steps – getting clarity on what you want and whether you have the capability and resources to go forward using the WFO tool. When we need you to imagine the desired future state, we introduce the Flow model in order for you to experience the no-gravity environment, moving out of the confines of the box of environment, habit, and time. Our premise is that you are not broken and you definitely can have a brighter future.

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