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Shiftfuture: Mind to Muscle Transformation

Imagine you’re the CEO of a company that’s been struggling to achieve its goals. You’ve tried different transformation strategies and plans, but nothing seems to work. That’s when you come across a shocking statistic - 70% of transformation efforts fail to deliver the expected results. You start to worry that your company might become part of that statistic.

AB Consulting explains that one of the main reasons for transformation failures is the complexity of the process, especially gaining acceptance from individuals. They cover both the business plan and the operational system to ensure successful execution.

They also introduce you to the concept of the Mind Matrix and the Muscle Matrix - two interrelated matrices that shape the transformation process.

The Mind Matrix has four levers - Classifying, Associating, Evaluating, and Framing - that create meaning. The synchronization of these levers gives rise to the meaning of what and why you want to transform. It is key to the design of your transformation plan.

The Muscle Matrix also has four levers - Capabilities, Others, Time, and Identity - that propel you forward during execution.

In addition to these 2 matrices, having the right culture is key to sustaining the transformation. This is akin to sailing as opposed to rowing to the destination.

AB Consulting acknowledges that change can be difficult, but they know how to inspire true change by tapping into the neuroscience behind it. Taking a people-centred approach, they create tailored solutions for each organization by combining nature and nurture elements to make it easier to accept.

Feeling hopeful and excited, you decide to start your journey with AB Consulting to transform your business. You know that it won’t be an easy road, but with their expertise and experience, you feel confident that you can successfully navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of transformation.

Transform your business today.

Contact us now to start your journey.

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