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What We Do

What We Do

We unlock value from your existing system

What We Do: Services


Our management consulting services cover strategy, transformation, analytics, human resource, operations, technology, and digital, and they span multiple industries and sectors. 

We offer three types of consulting services to identify value and unlock the potential of organisations and governments to yield sustainable outcomes for the future.



Expert consultation

The client engages us to check their organisation over for improvements. Based on the ill-health symptoms, we will then bring in the relevant experience and know-how and prescribe.


Process consultation

The client engages us to facilitate the organisation to perceive, understand, and develop its business needs and human processes. This approach emphasises joint assessment and problem-solving.



The client identifies the needs and tasks and concludes that the organisation has neither the resources nor the time to fulfil them. We come in as a pair of helping hands to assist the client based on the direction.

What We Do: List


We have a strong track record for delivering and executing programmes to deliver results. We approach implementation collaboratively, working with our clients and building capabilities to ensure resilience in the implementation journey for impactful results.



We work with CEOs, business owners, leadership teams, and executives to develop powerful leadership styles that integrate performance and purpose in organisations.

We help our clients inculcate a coaching culture that:

  • Creates empowerment

  • Increases engagement

  • Gains clarity and alignment of organisation and individual goals

  • Develops people and performance

  • Inspires creativity

  • Raises productivity

  • Enables organisational cultural change


Our training programmes are designed to equip trainees with next-generation skills to respond to the rapidly changing and demanding global landscape. It enables your employees to respond to challenges and adapt to rapid social, economic and technological changes.

We are also committed to continuous improvements in our training standards through collaborations with leading global institutions.

Like what you’ve seen? Let’s talk.

What We Do: Services

ABC Method

AB Consulting develops business concepts and solutions, anchoring them on processes and systems, focusing intensely on implementation and results. We unlock value from your existing system through our ABC Method and provide sound business analytics to steer the organisation forward.

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The value you will get from the ABC method

1. We bring clarity to your problem

Through Change Talk and with the four types of consultancies we offer, we help our clients identify the goals and change they are looking for and give the commitment to bringing about the transformation.

2. We develop your transformation plan by strengthening your organisation and getting better business outcomes

After getting the clarity, we develop the transformation plan for our clients by building a bridge between the Current State and Desired State. We do this by covering the prognosis on People, Process, and Technology (PPT) given the business outcomes you are looking for.

This process will help uncover your True North.

3. We develop the delivery plan of your transformation plan 

There are three parts to this:

a.  Initiating the change (people)

b.  The intersection (liminal)

c.  Actualising the change (integration model)

Knowing that stepping into unfamiliar territory can be scary and takes courage and trust, we build the bridge for you. We help you move the first and subsequent steps until you reach your desired future state. The desired future state is what you want from the initial clarity process.

What We Do: Text
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