Agile, Innovative and Sustainable.

This is AB Consulting’s promise to our clients in developing solutions.

About Us

Agile Business Consulting Sdn Bhd is a boutique consulting firm specializing in both, the public and private sectors. We create value to Organisations and Governments by solving problems, building capabilities and delivering sustainable results. The AB Consulting team consists of experts in social, economic and digital transformation, having deep industry knowledge in tourism, aviation, agriculture, human resources and many more.

Our Business Sectors



Our management consulting services covers the following - strategy, transformation, analytics, human resource, operations, technology & digital and it spans across multi industries and sectors.  We identify value and unlock the potential of Organizations and Governments to yield sustainable outcomes.



We are specialists in implementation and have a strong track record for delivery and execution of programmes to deliver results. We approach implementation in a collaborative manner, working with our clients and building capabilities to ensure resilience in the implementation journey for impactful results. 



Coaching is a form of development which is also a powerful leadership style in organisations.  It also integrates performance and purpose.  Coaching is especially suitable for leaders in organisations who want to develop a new approach or style towards leadership and it will take their leadership skills to a higher level. 



Our training programmes are designed to equip our clients and trainees with next-generation skills in order to respond to expectations in the rapidly changing and demanding global landscape.  This enables them to respond to challenges and adapt to social, economic and technological changes. 

Our Team

Progress is impossible without change. And those who cannot change their own mind will not be able to change anything.

George Bernard Shaw