AB Consulting supports the private and public sector in 4 key areas  – Consulting Services, Implementation, Coaching and Training. Turning concepts into delivery with tangible outcomes. 


Our management consulting services covers the following - strategy, transformation, analytics, human resource, operations, technology and digital and it spans across multi industries and sectors.  We identify value and unlock the potential of Organizations and Governments to yield sustainable outcomes for the future.


We are specialists in implementation and have a strong track record for delivery and execution of programmes to deliver results. We approach implementation in a collaborative manner, working with our clients and building capabilities to ensure resilience in the implementation journey for impactful results.


Coaching offers a powerful leadership style in organisations which integrates performance and purpose.  Coaching is especially suitable for leaders who want to develop a new approach to leadership that will take their leadership skills to a higher level. 

We work with CEOs, business owners, leadership teams, and executives.  We help our clients achieve more through a coaching leadership and management style and inculcate a coaching culture that:

•    Creates empowerment

•    Increases engagement

•    Gains clarity and alignment of organization and individual goals

•    Develops people and performance

•    Inspires creativity

•    Raises productivity

•    Enables organizational cultural change


Our training programmes are designed to equip our clients and trainees with next-generation skills to respond to the rapidly changing and demanding global landscape.  This enables them to respond to challenges and adapt to social, economic and technological changes.  We are also committed to continuous improvements in our training standards through collaborations with leading global institutions.  This enables us to deliver the best quality training to meet the needs of our clients and their employees.

Let us fulfill your vision

Our strength lies in the ability to provide clarity and simplicity to complex issues in an ever increasing chaotic environment and to converge understanding and commitment among stakeholders. The purpose is how to unlock value from your existing system and provide good business analytics to steer the organization forward.